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Chandan Kashmiri Mukhwas Mouth Freshener with Dates and Coriander 165g (5.82 oz)

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Mouth Fresheners after every meal is a part of our daily life. Chandan Kashmiri Mukhwas Mouth fresher enhances the taste of food and keeps our mouth fresh and smell free.

Chandan Mouth Fresheners also known as Chandan Mukhwas is a renowned brand offering a delicious mix of sweet, salted, sweet and sour Mouth Fresheners along with Digestives, Appetizers (Pan) & Confectioneries. Internationally, we have a reach in More than 40 Countries through our trusted associates.

Manufactured By: STC India Pvt. ltd.
Country: india
Weight: 165g (5.82 oz)
Packaging: Bottle