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Ayur Herbals Hot Wax 150g

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Ayur Herbals Hot Wax Gently removes unwanted hair. The unique formulation of lemon, vinegar, and sugar that slows down the re-growth of hair and revitalizes the skin by keeping the skin soft, smooth, and supple. Hot Wax should be heated, prior to use. A totally safe preparation to remove superfluous hair from the skin. The right proportion of sugar, lemon & vinegar, has a better grip/hold, thus making the removal of hair quick & smooth. It can be used anywhere on the body, without any adverse side effects. Especially good for facial hair as no heating is required Direction for use: First clean the skin and wipe it dry. Apply the wax with a blunt knife in the direction of the hair growth. Place the cellophane strip over the wax, press down firmly, and pull the strip with a jerk, in the opposite direction of hair growth. These cellophane strips are hygienic to use. Finally, clean the skin with water to remove wax stains and apply Ayur Astringent Lotion.

Manufacturer: Ayur Herbals
Country of Origin: India
Manufacturer: Ayur Herbals
Item Weight: 5.29 oz (150 gm), 21.16 oz (600 gm)