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Chandan Cocktail Thunder Mukhwas Fruit Flavoured Chews 180g (6.34oz)

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Chandan Mouth Freshener is a perfect connoisseur of traditional Indian Mouth Fresheners. May you call it a mukhwas, mouth fresheners or after mint. The name itself depicts the purity and the genuineness of this Indian tradition. We now bring along this Indian Tradition to our patrons with the real taste, Aroma, Freshness of Chandan Mouth Fresheners. Chandan Mouth Fresheners come in over 250 variety of mouth-watering tastes and flavours starting from sweet, salted & sour. Some of which have a very high nutritional and herbal values for the Diet Conscious besides they do satisfy the taste buds of the sweet tooths. Chandan mouth freshners are for all occasions such as marriages, parties, get-togethers, travelling, picnic, conferences & Bussiness Meetings too.

Manufactured By: Chandan
Country of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: available in 160 gm (5.64 oz)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place
Package: Bottle