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FaceFresh Beauty Cream Get Forever Glowing Face

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This cream penetrates rapidly into the skin and works through various skin layers to fade away dark spots. FaceFresh Beauty Cream cleans the skin and provides moisture to every skin layer. The FaceFresh Beauty Cream is free from all side effects and is suitable for every skin type.


  • It helps in fading away stubborn spots and marks.
  • Face Fresh Cleanser Cream regular use removes a freckles and spots completely
  • This cream also reduces thin wrinkles and keeps the appearance of skin fresh.
  • Regular use of it gives you Soft and glowy skin
  • Removes freckles and spots & Hydrates the skin

How to use :

  1. Use the cream at night after washing your face and going to bed.
  2. Use a little amount in your hand and massage onto the face and neck.
  3. This cream can be used at NIGHT to achieve maximum results and long-lasting effects.

Brand: FaceFresh

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Product Weight: 23gm

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