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Hashmi Surmi Special (Pack of 2)

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Hashmi Surma is the finest powder form of medicinal preparation used externally to strengthen eyesight and cure other eye ailments. It is A blend of Herbs and selected ingredients having medicinal properties. They are made from super quality ingredients so as not to cause any side effects on the eyes.


  • Hashmi Surma Special protects the eyes from the glare of the sun and the UV rays
  • Hashmi Surmi is a soft black and mild preparation
  • it also ensures that the whole eyelid area is coated in rich,
  • Enhances the beauty of eyes &Cooling & restoring eyes
  • It is used for the protection, strengthening, and cleaning of eyes

How to use :

  1. Using the thin probe which is attached to the cap of the bottle,
  2. this surma is applied to the inside of the lower eyelid usually. To achieve the smoky look it .
Brand: Hashmi
Product weight: 8gm
color: Black, smudge-proof