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Krutika Fruitway Aam Papad Goodness of Mangoes 100g (3.5oz)

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The Krutika Fruitway Aam Papad Mouth Fresheners products Collection. When our ancestors found themselves with the offensive breath, they couldn't (of course) pop candied deodorizers into their mouths. In fact, back in those days, folks used a number of natural breath fresheners that could be found in kitchens and herb gardens Ԇand many of them are just as available today! Bad breath can be a huge embarrassment. If you are out and want to get rid of the building pungent smell, Use this product its good for the mouth, and also improves digestion.

Manufacturer by: Krutika agro produce Pvt Ltd
Country of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: available in 100 gm (3.52 oz)
Storage Instruction: Keep in Cool & Dry Place