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Chings Paneer Chili Masala 100g

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Make India's most popular Desi Chinese dish at home. Cook different Desi Chinese dishes with ching's Secret Paneer Chili masala. chings secret paneer chili masala has the perfect blend of pure masala ingredients that make your Food Delicious, there is no need to add salt, spice, sauce. Cook Paneer chili with ease of simple steps

Benefits: Easy to cook & nutritious Desi Chinese food Paneer provide You high protein value

Ingredients: corn flour, salt, mixed spices, garlic, onion, chili, Ginger, acumen, coriander, paper, sugar, natural color, soya sauce powder, wheat salt, flavor enhancer, tomato powder, anti-caking agent, dried glucose syrup, emulsifying and stabilizing agent, sunflower oil, acidity regulator.

How to use: Stir Fry veggies (onion carrot capsicum 1 Green chili) * Heat to tbsp of oil into the pan and stir fry 200 gram of paneer cubes. * Add Ching's secret paneer chili masala into 2 cups of water and mix well. *Add the masala mix into veggies and paneer. * Cook for 3 minutes and serve hot

Packaging: Packet
Manufacturer: capital foods Private limited
Country of origin: India
Weight: 100 gram
Storage instruction: Always Store Cool, dry, and hygienic place