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Dabur Real Masala Pomegranate Juice 1 Ltr

$5.99 USD
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Pomegranate and spicy masala, a love story that's been a part of every Indian home across generations. Relish every drop of our new masala pomegranate promises. It refreshes you with every gulp. Savor the natural fruit goodness brought to you by Real. It is delicious with unique digestive properties - a good choice in all seasons!  Réal does not have artificial flavors and preservatives.

Ingredient: Water, pomegranate pulp (20%)*, sugar, salts, acidity regulator (INS 330), stabilizer (INS 440), antioxidant (INS 300), Spice and spice extracts (0.025%) - (cumin, black pepper, capsicum, ginger)

Benefits :
  • Helps develop healthy skin
  • Great for boosting immunity
  • can help maintain body weight and iron content in the body.
  • Pomegranate juice benefits the heart and encourages the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • it is recommended by doctors for those suffering from blood pressure, both high and low,
How To Use: Drink up for a wealth of health benefits that you need to take on the day.
Packaging: Tetra Pack
Manufacturer: Dabur India Limited
Country of origin: India
Weight: 33.81 oz
9 storage instructions: Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity