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EBM Cake Up Caramel Flavor 12 Cup Cakes 23g Each

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EBM Cake Up offers a truly Unforgettable moment of delicious taste with real goodness. involve yourself in the appetizing world of real flavor, center-filled with love. At the heart of our unique and fresh cupcakes is the universal truth: real ingredients lead to real taste. Cake Up is center filled with the most premium and luscious flavors.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, egg, sunflower oil, glucose syrup, skimmed milk powder, invert syrup, palm olein, hydrogenated palm oil, glycerin, humectants (e420 & e1520), emulsifiers (mono & diglycerides & e481), salt, leavening agents (e450, e500), citric acid, preservative (e202), cocoa powder, soy lecithin, stabilizer (e415), vanilla crystals, food color & flavors.

Allergy Information Contains: Egg, Skimmed Milk, Wheat


  • Cake Up’s Cupcakes Caramel Flavor center filling is delicately creamy, rich in taste, nothing beats the happy rush of a yummy Caramel break!
  • The goodness of eggs packs a punch of flavor and health in each cupcake
  • Only the freshest skimmed milk goes into our cupcakes, boosting their nutritional value and goodness
  • Whole wheat flour from the highest quality sources forms the base of our cupcakes, ensuring their unparalleled softness

How to Use Ready to consume

Package: Box

Manufactured By: English Biscuits Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd
Country Of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Product Weight: 276g
Quantity: 23g X 12 units
Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place