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EBM Original Lemon Sandwich Cookies 130g

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EBM Original Lemon Sandwich is a Delicious rich cream biscuit with fresh lemon flavor. Peek Freans Lemon Sandwiches are a classic that always satisfies the mid-meal hunger, It is one of the most popular cream biscuits in the country.  It has blended fluffy cream with a very crisp and crunchy bite.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Sugar, Hydrogenated vegetable oil (Blended from palm oil & soya bean oil), Salt, Liquid glucose, Soya lecithin (E322), Ammonium bicarbonate (E503), Vanilla, Milk & Lemon flavors, Food color FD&C Yellow # 5 for USA / Food color tartrazine (E102) for Canada & Europe.


  • Delightfully sweet cream with a lemony punch.
  • Every bite satisfies with rich cream encased in a robust biscuit.
  • The finest ground flour makes the base of our biscuits, whether soft and doughy, or crisp and airy.
  • The subtle sweetness of sugar delights the palate and gives a boost of energy!
  • Packed with good fats and Vitamins E and K, coconut oil also adds extra flavor.

How to Use Ready to consume

Package: Box
Manufactured By: English Biscuits Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd
Country Of Origin: Product of Pakistan
Product Weight: 130 Grams (4.59 Oz)
Storage Instruction: Keep in a cool and dry place