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Hesh Mehandi Powder Henna 100g

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Nature has given the best solution for safe and harmless hair coloring. It has provided us with Henna which is the best herbal hair color. It is in powder form which is obtained from Henna plant leaves after drying them and then crushing them. History shows, that peoples are aware of henna and are using it for more than 5000 years. Now, it has been scientifically proven that Henna is safe to use and do not have any negative and harmful effect on health, hair, and skin.
Manufactured By: Hash
Country of Origin: Product of India
Product Weight: available in 100 gm(3.52 oz)
Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place
Hesh Mehandi Powder is nature's answer to hair coloring and conditioning worries. Mehandi, being a natural coloring agent, helps beautify the hair within a few applications. The product is also a natural coolant and thereby may help to relieve headaches when applied on the scalp as a paste. It has been used for centuries as a beautifying agent for hair, feet, palms, and nails. When applied on the soles of the feet, it helps soothe burning sensations. Mehandi Powder (Henna)
  • It is easy to use, all you have to do is to make a paste with water and give it some time for proper coloring. After that, apply it to hair or skin.

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Elena Brillantes

Works good