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Larger Wax Strips Hair Removal Strips 70pcs

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Larger Wax Strips are perfect for professional as well as personal home use. these strips come in handy for all types waxing such as hard waxing, strip waxing, or paraffin waxing, These strips are easy to use and ensure a smooth waxing experience.
Features :
• It Is Convenient & best suited for all skin types.
• When applied properly, they cause minimal irritation to the skin barrier.
• Less regrowth of hair when you use these waxing strips.
• Use Waxing strips for no more shaving cuts. ...
Direction For Use :
1. Wash, pat to dry & clean the skin surface where you need to remove the hairs.
2. Apply a thin layer of your own wax to the surface, and put a strip on it.
3. press gently and peel off against the direction of hairs.
4. perform in the presence of your beauty expert/ advisor.

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