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Laxmi Cardamom Seeds - 100 Gm (3.5 Oz)

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Cardamom seeds are derived from green cardamom pods. These seeds have impressive medicinal properties and have been used in traditional medicine for centuries, it is used in Indian Foods to balance the taste and help in digestion, Vegetarian product, anti-microbial, anti-fungal. This spice with an intense, slightly sweet flavor that some people compare to mint.

Ingredients: Whole Cardamom Seeds


  • Cardamom may be helpful for people with high blood pressure, most likely due to its antioxidant and diuretic properties.
  • It improves breathing by stimulating better oxygen uptake and relaxing air passage to the lungs.
  • The antioxidant compounds in cardamom may help protect cells from damage and slow down and prevent inflammation in your body.
  • It may protect against digestive issues.

How to Use:

  • Laxmi Cardamom Seed is a delicious spice used in cakes, cookies, pies, stews, vegetable pies, and more.
  • It is used for sweetening dishes, as well as adding flavor to coffee and tea.

Package: Packet

Manufacture: Laxmi

Country of origin: India

Product weight: 100 Gm

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool & dry place