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Maggi Instant Noodles Kari Flavour 400g

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It is the perfect combination of Australian Hard Wheat and Australian Premium White Wheat used to create noodles resulting in the right texture and springiness. These high-quality wheat also packed with a good source of protein. Make your bowl of MAGGI even better by chopping up some vegetables, dropping in an egg, or throwing in your favorite ingredients.

Features :

  • 2 minutes instant noodles with soup made with real chilies and 12 secret spices.
  • Springy noodles with real curry paste soup.
  • MAGGI noodles are made with the choicest quality spices
  • This pack Contains a noodle cake and the Favorite Masala Tastemaker inside, for a quick 2-minute preparation

Direction For Use :

  1. Boil 1½ cup of water and add the TASTEMAKER along with the noodle cake broken into 4.
  2. Cook for 2 minutes in an open pan, while you stir occasionally.
  3. Do not drain the remaining water.
  4. Serving Instructions: Garnish with your favorite veggies and serve hot.

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