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Neha Herbals Fast Colour Black Cone (Pack of 2)

$5.50 USD
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Neha Herbals Fast Colour Black Cone gives you attractive colour in 5-10 min.it is easy to use and gives instant results. they always maintain quality and organic guidelines. can be used for any occasion and festival-like wedding, ring ceremony karvachout etc.

Features :

  • The result is beautiful red designs without waiting for hours.
  • It is available in tube format.
  • make feel very fresh fragrance.
  • these are non-allergic products
  • It is quite easy and convenient to use.

How to use :

  1. Using the thin probe which is Carefully cut a tiny bit off the tip of the cone, straight across. .
  2. Grasp the cone near the back/tail end.
  3. Gently apply pressure with your thumb, palm, and fingers.
  4. Place the cone tip not quite touching the skin to lay down nice even lines without a "scratchy" texture.

Brand: Neha

Product weight: 30gm EACH

Country of origin: india