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Shahnaz Husain Professional Power Skin Whitening Treatment 7 Step Facial Kit 63g

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Shahnaz Husain Professional Power skin brightening treatment 7 stage facial pack contains. Proficient force bio-hydrating cleaning agent net weight - 8 gm, shedding scour net weight - 8 gm, professional power skin cream net weight - 8 gm, proficient force skin tonic net volume - 15 ml, brightening veil net weight - 8 gm, brightening serum net weight - 8 gm, covering cream net weight - 8 gm strategy: purge face with bio hydrating chemical, apply and wipe with clammy cotton fleece. Apply clean and rub delicately with little round developments, wash off. Apply supporting cream on face and neck and back rub for 15 minutes with a little water. Give cold pack with chilled skin tonic. Apply cover, staying away from lips and region around eyes. Wash it off when it dries. At that point apply a couple of drops of brightening serum, smoothing it on the face. Sit tight for a couple of moments and apply cover cream, leave on.

Manufactured By: Shahnaz Ayurvedics
Model Name: Shahnaz Husain 24 Carat Gold Skin Radiance Kit
Weight: 64g
Origin: Product of India
Package: Box