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Laxmi Ponni Boiled Rice 10 lbs

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Ponni rice health benefits

Ponni rice is good for health it has an excellent source of protein and is high in nutrients. Laxmi Ponni Boiled Rice is a better source of fiber, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B-6 and features a rich nutty flavor. Ponni rice has a unique aroma and incredible taste. Rich in fiber and an excellent source of healthy nutrients.

Ingredients: Boiled Rice


  • Ponni rice has got immense health benefits and is especially beneficial for diabetics and high blood sugar patients.
  • Lowers cholesterol,
  • Gluten-free, High fiber, low glycemic index, lowering the impact of raised blood sugar.
  • All forms of rice are rated as high GI foods

How to use:

  • It is mainly used for making cooking rice, noodles, desserts, and sweets.
  • Boiled Rice is a regular ingredient in Curries, Vegetable Pulao, Sambhar, and Soups and Stew.

Package: Packet

Manufacture: Laxmi

Country of origin: India

Product weight: 10 lbs

Storage Instructions: Keep in a cool & dry place